IEEE International Workshop on Cloud-integrated Cyber Physical Systems 2014

(IEEE Cloud-CPS 2014)
in conjunction with IEEE CloudCom 2014
December 15 - 18, 2014, Singapore

Call  for Papers (PDF)

The deadline for submission of full papers is extended to September 5, 2014 (Final Extension)


Technology has gone through tremendous changes in terms of computing, communications and control to provide wide range of applications in all domains. This advancement provides the opportunities to bridge the physical components/processes and the cyber space leading to the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). The notion of CPS is to use computing (sensing, analyzing, predicting, understanding, etc.), communication (interaction, intervene, interface management, etc.) and control (inter-operate, evolve, evidence-based certification, etc.) to make intelligent and autonomous systems. Such systems are playing an increasingly prevalent and important role in this electronic era such as healthcare, manufacturing, civil infrastructure, aerospace, entertainment, transportation and many automated physical systems.  Computing and networking are two major components of CPS and Cloud has infinite resources for both.  Cloud-integrated CPS will not only enhance CPS itself but also process, analyze and manage (CPS) big data efficiently.  However, there are many issues and hurdles of Cloud-integrated CPS that need discussions.

Our aim is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to present their research results in the area of Cloud-integrated Cyber-Physical Systems (Cloud-CPS). The proposed workshop Cloud-CPS 2014 will serve as a forum for researchers from academia, government and industries to exchange ideas, present new results and provide future visions on these topics.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

  • Cloud-CPS Architecture 
  • Cloud-CPS Modeling and Simulation
  • Virtualization of Physical Components in Cloud-CPS
  • Design and Performance Optimization in Cloud-CPS
  • Cloud-assisted Situation-aware  and decision support
  • Big-data Processing and Visualization in Cloud-CPS
  • Mobile Cloud-CPS
  • CPS Architecture 
  • Game Theory for Cloud-CPS
  • Tools and Methods for Cloud-CPS
  • Sensor-actuator Networks
  • Security, Privacy, and Trust in Cloud-CPS
  • Intelligent  (Road/Air) Transportation Cloud-CPS
  • Cloud-CPS in healthcare
  • Cloud-CPS in energy
  • Fog computing
  • Cloud-CPS: Tools, test beds and deployment issues
  • Opportunistic spectrum access for Cloud-CPS

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